Sir Galgano

Sir Galgano is a side-scrolling medieval beat ‘em up game with RPG elements.

The game focuses on the hero, Sir Galgano Guidotti, well-know as Saint Galgano. Player battle the game’s many dangers with weapons and complete quests to acquire experience points, which is used to increase Sir Galgano‘s abilities and purchase equipment. 

The game places the player in control of the hero bent on revenge against the enemy.  

Progress is made through the game by hacking and slashing your way through enemy’s forces in dynamic environments.

Sir Galgano runs, rolls and dodges! He has a variety of weapons, a longsword, a shield and a two-handed sword: there are three modes of attack and many fencing techniques.

Player earn experience points by completing missions. When a player earns enough experience, Sir Galgano’s level increases and the player receives ability points. These points may be used on skill trees and general upgrades have a variety of functions, from raising Sir Galgano’s vitality to improving fencing techniques.

The game drew comparisons to the character The King of Dragons, Rastan Saga, Knights of the Round and Golden Axe. 

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