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La Fucina del Granducato

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la fucina del granducato


La Fucina del Granducato (The Forge of the Grand Duchy) was born in 2019 from the idea of two old-time players. Our team is guided by the passion to “create games we’d love to play”.

Our goal is to create innovative games, independent and fun to play. The peculiar feature behind each of our games is the idea of that craftmanship of the olden days, that is the skilled work and quality that has been the distinguishing mark of artisanal production in Tuscany for centuries. We get inspired by the games of the past and try to reimagine their style in a contemporary perspective, especially in terms of the simplicity of actions and controls that was so typical of the games of the 80s and 90s.

Our games are born out of the exchange of ideas, often quite different and sometimes completely opposite, and they belong to diverse categories – RPGs, action games, tactical games – transporting us in different times of history up until the Medieval times, between reality and imagination, history and legend.

Sir Galgano

Sir Galgano is a side-scrolling medieval beat’em up game with RPG elements.  

The game focuses on the hero, Sir Galgano Guidotti, well-know as Saint Galgano. Player battle the game’s many dangers with weapons and complete quests to acquire experience points, which is used to increase Sir Galgano‘s abilities and purchase equipment.


Impetus is a tactical game inspired by the events that took place after the Fall of the Roman Empire (4th-5th century AD), already plagued by the barbarian invasions and uncountable civil wars, as a result of a territory too vast and out of control.

Take command of a legion that survived the last battle and try to defeat any other legion you may encounter.

You will need all of your strength and cunning to survive: oppose the enemy considering every little detail, and find the right strategy to suffocate and destroy your opponent.

Trust no one, least of all fate, every single action will have its consequences.
Attack those who want you dead and rely only on yourself…
You must win back your fame, you must conquer the legend…


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